Top 10 Parking Tips

Parking near The Garden doesn’t have to be a headache! Read below for the top tips for parking near Madison Square Garden.

1. Metered parking is free on Sundays

2. If you park at a broken meter, you must pay the rate at another meter and keep the receipt face-up on your dashboard.

3. New York City does not set aside reserved spaces for persons with disabilities.

4. New York City does not honor out of state issued disabled parking hangtags, plates, or decals for on-street parking.

5. Don’t forget about the weekly street resurfacing. Schedule is available here.

6. Doors for Madison Square Garden open one hour prior to event time for Arena and Theater events. For Knicks, Rangers, or Liberty game, Club ticket owners may arrive two hours prior to game time. Arrive early to avoid heavy traffic!

7. For some events, pre-paid parking voucher through Ticketmaster or at the Box Office is available.

8. MSG does not own any garages so check out the commercial garages nearby and choose the best option!

9. Follow every sign posted when parking on the street. Tickets are very common and can be paid online.

10. Pre-book parking and avoid tickets!